Woodworking Design Gallery

Design to reflect the needs of the client!

When designing a commission, I meet with the client and listen to what they are looking for and what environment the piece will be in. I then present preliminary sketches and ideas for the piece. Once we are all on the same page, I then present the final rendering and details showing the type of joinery, wood selection and type of finish. In some cases I will make a scale model to aid in the visual concept of the project. Each piece is designed to reflect the feelings and needs of the client. Please browse my woodworking Design Gallery. It is intended to give ideas for pieces that you may want to have commissioned. The Woodworking Design Gallery highlights custom furniture and accessories such as carvings, lamps, chests and boxes as well as wall units and sculpture.

All designs are drawn at full size.

Scaled down models help the client visualize wht the project will look like.