This Web site is designed to show a portfolio of my work as well as a view of the studio and my vision and background that makes my woodworking marketable.

My background as an illustrator, designer and running a graphic design studio for 50 years has been an influence in my woodworking skills. During this time I started woodworking as a hobby and became familiar with Peters Valley, a teaching center for the crafts. I started taking week long courses from teachers like Tage Frid, Mack Headley, Toshio Odote, Jere Osgood, Sam Maloof and many other top flight teachers. I joined the board of directors of Peters Valley and served for twenty years. What and experience! I retired from my graphic design business as well as the Peters Valley board to devote my full time to my already established woodworking business. I also teach and do consulting for wood related businesses. My work has been featured in numerous exhibitions and galleries.

In December of 2011 my first book was published titled “The Woodworkers Studio Handbook”. It is a guide for the beginner on how to set up your studio safely and work around the constraints of size and location.
In this Web site I will take you on a tour of the studio, cover some design considerations and then visit the gallery to see the versatility of the work that is keeping me busy.